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How many times have you said to yourself, 'I would love to go there but I can't go on my own'. Well you don't have to, come out with us, we were the first organised guides to set up safe guided walks in the Lake District and have been leading mountain guided walks for over 30 years! We do our bit for the environment too so all our walks use buses, the launch, or local taxis but best of all they use your feet.

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KR Guided walks are often imitated, but never bettered. We give real value for money and a customer loyalty scheme too.

Guided walks in the Lake District started with us way back in the days when beer was 50p a pint! Seriously, we have been going out on the fells for the last 32 years giving you a good safe days guiding. We pride ourselves on our customer relations and we always take you further.

In the early years we often had leaders who were climbers like the legendery Paul Ross who completed his 500th new route in Colorado in 2011, and has now returned to Keswick to live and climb once again. It just goes to show that you should never give up.

Oh and don't expect fancy scrolling photos on this site, makes you feel dizzy does that.

Heading off towards the Langdale Pikes
KR Leaders,standing - Pete, Alison & Cathy, kneeling - Halle & Lyn

"Join us for a good days walk because you'll go further with Keswick Rambles"

Walks come in 3 grades.
A = Steep, high, rocky or rugged mountain tops sometimes with longer approaches, make this a hard day; fitness essential
B = A good walk usually covering a few felltops with several ascents and descents; strenuous
C =A fairly easy walk; with maybe only one top to climb, suitable for active walkers

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